Ensuring Safety of Skywalks

Ensuring Safety of SkywalksEnsuring Safety of Skywalks

Following complaints by people that the dismantling of rooftops of city skyways is spoiling aerial pedestrian walkways by exposing them to rain and dust, the Tehran Beautification Organization said the measure had been taken for security reasons.

“As the elevated walkways were completely hidden by billboards and rooftops, criminal activities in the pedways couldn’t be detected,” said Isa Alizadeh, TBO head, ISNA reported.

To address the problem, it was decided to install advertisement billboards at a higher level “in a manner that they don’t hinder the view of pedestrians. The rooftops were removed because of the same reason.”

“Blocking the view and providing rooftops can encourage beggars and homeless people to occupy the skywalks,” he added.