Afghan Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins

Afghan Doctors Separate Conjoined TwinsAfghan Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins

Doctors in Kabul have separated 15-day-old conjoined twin sisters, a surgical first for Afghanistan, said medical charity Chain of Hope.

Five doctors carried out the successful five-hour operation to separate Ayesha and Sidiqa, who had been fused from the abdomen to the pelvis, reports AFP.The girls were born at their parental home in a village in Badakhshan Province and immediately brought to the local hospital, from where they were transferred to the French Medical Institute for Children, co-run by the charity. “The hospital teams can congratulate themselves on this great success, and this new step towards bringing better care to the Afghan population,” the charity said in a statement.

Also known as Siamese twins, conjoined siblings are identical twins who in rare cases, about one in 200,000 live births, are born with their skin and internal organs fused together.