Salamat Insurance to Cover Chemo, Dialysis

Salamat Insurance to Cover Chemo, DialysisSalamat Insurance to Cover Chemo, Dialysis

Iran Health Insurance Organization (IHIO) plans to cover chemotherapy and dialysis treatment through ‘Bimeh Salamat’ (generic health insurance) to ensure inexpensive and equitable medical care to all strata of people, said Dr. Mohammad Javad Kabir, IHIO head.

“We are currently taking necessary measures to ensure fair medical treatment to all people covered by Salamat health insurance,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying.

Salamat insurance is a government health program that came into force in May 2014. It aims to extend basic medical insurance coverage to those who lack health insurance, such as women heads of households, the unemployed and the poor and disabled, who account for over 10 million of the population.