US Huntress Selfie Sparks Social Media Outrage

US Huntress Selfie Sparks Social Media Outrage

Even before the uproar over the killing of an iconic black-maned lion Cecil in Zimbabwe died down, a huntress from the US sparked fury on social media by posting a series of photos with her kills.

Sabrina Corgatelli uploaded pictures on her Facebook page with the corpses of a giraffe, warthog, kudu and impala -- her kills during a trip to South Africa.

In one photo, she was seen crouching over a massive kudu, an African antelope specie with a white-striped body and spiraling horns, the Telegraph reported.

Later the same day, she posted several of her pictures with the carcass of “an amazing old giraffe”, and wrote: “Such an amazing animal!! I couldn’t be any happier!!

Thousands of people posted on her profile branding her “deranged”, “heartless” and “the definition of disgusting.”

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