Breast Cancer Rate Declines

Breast Cancer Rate DeclinesBreast Cancer Rate Declines

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Preventive measures in Iran have helped check the growth of the disease and “now only 10% of women reach malignant stage,” said Dr. Behzad Rahmani, head of the Iranian Scientific Society of General Surgeons.

The role of the mass media in raising women’s awareness on breast cancer is important in early diagnosis and screening, he said, reports Borna New Agency.

Nevertheless, it is the top cancer in women, both in the developed and developing world. The incidence of breast cancer rises along with increase in life expectancy, urbanization and adoption of unhealthy lifestyles.

One in four women in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer, global statistics show. The average age of developing the cancer is during midlife at 40-55 years of age. However, younger women below 25 are also increasingly prone to the disease, Rahmani added.

Research still continues on identifying the exact causes of the disease. Timely visits and regular mammography in early detection of breast cancer, is the best way of self-protection. Healthy lifestyles and nutritious diet from a young age can help prevent 50% or more of all breast cancers, he added.