Ebola Vaccine Trial Successful in Guinea

Ebola Vaccine Trial Successful in GuineaEbola Vaccine Trial Successful in Guinea

A vaccine against Ebola has shown to be 100% successful in trials conducted during the outbreak in Guinea and is likely to bring the West African epidemic to an end, experts say.

The results of the trials involving 4,000 people are remarkable because of the unprecedented speed with which the development of the vaccine and the testing were carried out, CNN reported.

Scientists, doctors, donors and drug companies collaborated to race the vaccine through a process that usually takes more than a decade, in just 12 months.

“Having seen the devastating effects of Ebola with my own eyes, I am very encouraged by today’s news,” said Borge Brende, foreign minister of Norway, which helped fund the trial. There have been a total of 27,748 cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone up to July 26, with 11,279 reported deaths.