Meteorite Crash Reports Denied

Meteorite Crash Reports DeniedMeteorite Crash Reports Denied

Reports circulated on Thursday that a shiny object was spotted in the sky of Iran, crashing somewhere in the western provinces of Alborz, Hamedan and Qazvin, but government officials denied the reports.

Morteza Akbarpour, a deputy at the National Disaster Management Organization of Iran said what was described as a meteor crash was "in fact a meteorite shower that could be observed on Thursday night from parts of Zanjan, Alborz, Hamedan and Qazvin provinces," adding that all objects missed the earth, IRNA reported on Friday.

Head of the Iranian Red Crescent Society in Qazvin, Hamid Rah, said there were no credible reports of a meteorite landing in the area despite investigations.

Governors of Buin Zahra, Takestan and Avaj counties also rejected the reports.

Early reports suggested that some pieces of rock had hit areas in Eshtehard,  in Alborz Province.