Iran, France to Boost Environment Coop.

Iran, France to Boost Environment Coop.Iran, France to Boost Environment Coop.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and head of the Department of Environment (DoE) Masumeh Ebtekar, at a meeting on Wednesday, discussed environmental issues, including the upcoming 21st global climate conference (2015 Climate Conference – COP21) to be held on December 12 in Paris.

The conference will be chaired by the French foreign minister.

Later at a press conference, Fabius, a former French prime minister (1984-1986) said, “Greenhouse gas emissions have devastating effect on human life, food and health. The emissions can also impact human migration,” IRNA reported.

He urged cooperation between the two sides in the field of green technology to deal with increasing levels of GHG emissions as well as water scarcity.

Fabius invited Ebtekar to participate in the Paris conference to be attended by 50 countries.

Ebtekar said, “The two sides discussed increasing cooperation in environmental issues. We also addressed the negative impact of global climate change.”

On the Paris conference, she said, “A new agreement will be adopted, and top greenhouse-gas (GHG) producing countries will be committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”

 Damages inflicted by GHG producing countries will be placed under investigation at the global confab.

“Iran has suffered immensely due to global climate change, including decreasing water resources, rising temperature and influx of fine particles into several provinces,” she said.

Environment issues should not be considered national or regional problems, since any negative environment change in any part of the world will have negative impact on the entire global environment, Ebtekar noted.