Anti-Drug Coop. with Kyrgyzstan

Anti-Drug Coop. with KyrgyzstanAnti-Drug Coop. with Kyrgyzstan

Prospects of bilateral cooperation in fighting illicit drug trafficking were discussed by Kyrgyzstan’s State Drug Control Service Chairman Rafik Mambetaliyev  and Iranian ambassador to  Bishkek  Ali Najafi Hoshrudi, at a meeting recently.

Kyrgyzstan is ready for broad cooperation in combating drug trafficking. “The state counternarcotics policy is built on the principles of combating drugs and to fulfill international obligations in this area,” Mambetaliyev said.

He expressed interest in counternarcotics cooperation between the two sides in view of Iran’s advanced experience in fighting drug trafficking, reports AKIpress.

The two sides agreed to intensify efforts in containing drug abuse and to speed up signing of the memorandum of understanding between the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Iran in prevention and cooperation in the fight against illegal production, distribution and use of drugs, psychoactive substances and precursors.