Statistics on Births, Maternal Mortality

Statistics on Births, Maternal MortalityStatistics on Births, Maternal Mortality

The ratio of maternal mortality to childbirths in 2014 decreased vis-à-vis the same quotient in 2013 as per statistics released by the Health Ministry.

Maternal mortality rate in 2013 stood at 19.7% (or 291 deaths) corresponding to the total number of 1.47 million births. The rate saw a marginal decline to 19% (or 293) deaths for a total number of 1.54 million births in the following year, showing a slight improvement, said Farahnaz Torkestani, head of the ministry’s Maternal Health Office.

Of the registered deaths, 1% of the women were under 18 years and 26%, above 35 years. For 21% it was their first delivery, while 25% were having their second child in less than three years from the first delivery; 21% were delivering for the fifth time, ISNA reports.

Nearly 62% of the maternal deaths were due to lack of pre-partum care, 74% had a single-risk factor and 21% were unintended pregnancies; 4% died due to belated checkups and 5% due to drug addiction.

Further, 27% died during childbirth, 2% during the gestation period and 28% within 24 hours after delivery.

It should be noted that 55% of the maternal deaths occurred in teaching hospitals, 20% in general hospitals, 8% in hospitals affiliated to the Social Security Organization, 10% in private hospitals and 4% in welfare hospitals.

About 70% of the complications occurred in cesarean section, which constituted 51% of the total childbirths last year (ended March 20).

Studies show 19% of complications were due to excessive bleeding, 17% from preeclampsia (disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and a large amount of protein in the urine), 7% due to infection, 17% caused by heart-related disorders and 9% due to embolism (foreign material in the bloodstream), Torkestani added.