Islamic Cities Mayoral Conference

Islamic Cities Mayoral ConferenceIslamic Cities Mayoral Conference

The first session of the second Worldwide Mayoral Conference on City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) is to be held on July 28-29 in Vienna, Austria. It is co-organized by the World Assembly of Islamic Cities, International City Leaders and UN-Habitat.

“World Assembly of Islamic Cities is a subsidiary of UN-Habitat and during the event, mayors or their representatives from over 100 Islamic cities will discuss the implementation of CPI mandated under UN-Habitat III program,” said Sadegh Najafi, director of the Board of Atlas of Islamic Cities and representative for Iranian cities in the assembly, ISNA reported.

UN-Habitat is the United Nations program working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and adequate shelter for all.

In 2012, the organization created a tool to measure the sustainability of cities called the City Prosperity Index which was later transformed into a global one called CPI. It currently performs as a tool to measure sustainable urban development. In addition to providing indices and measurements relevant to cities, it also enables city authorities, as well as local and national stakeholders, to identify opportunities and potential areas of intervention for their cities to become more prosperous.

“We believe communication opportunities that the assembly creates will provide for innovative models of the original Islamic culture to translate into principles of sustainable urban development,” Najafi explained.  

He added that the proposal to initiate a secretariat for the assembly in Tabriz will be presented at the conference. “The proposal is already supported at Tabriz City Council.”

Drawing on common experience and socio-cultural capacities of the world’s citizens is the best means to develop urban diplomacy, particularly among Islamic cities with common religious, cultural and social values, he noted.