Gov’t Employee Transfers Not Sustainable

Gov’t Employee Transfers Not SustainableGov’t Employee Transfers Not Sustainable

Many government employees were transferred from the capital Tehran to smaller cities and towns after the bill for government employees’ ‘transition’ from metropolises to smaller cities was approved five years ago by the previous government.

But they never received the financial benefits they were promised.

The plan which aimed to change population dynamics in the bigger cities, particularly Tehran, was approved hurriedly, the Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency (ICANA) reports.

The employees now regret having moved to other cities “for the doles promised, but never received.”

Attaollah Soltani Sabour, a member of the Majlis (Parliament) Commission for Education and Research, said, “Given the high financial costs of the plan, the incumbent government is not able to sustain it.”

The only thing the government can do is to agree to the employees’ return to the cities again.

Mohammad Ibrahim Rezai, a member of Majlis Councils and Internal Affairs Commission says that although the plan was impractical and implemented before conducting adequate studies, “we are still responsible for the decisions taken by the previous government.”

The plan can be implemented after correcting the flaws or the government should offer new suggestions to compensate the losses.

“We need comprehensive information about the plan, the number of employees transferred and their problems to be able to draft a budget bill to address the problems of government employees,” he added.