LMO to Set Up Literacy Centers

LMO to Set Up Literacy CentersLMO to Set Up Literacy Centers

The Literacy Movement Organization of Iran (LMO) has embarked upon several new projects to impart and consolidate literacy and to promote quality education across the nation.

Nearly 1,500 literacy centers and literacy circles will be set up across the country over the next three years, of which 500 will be established this year (started March 21), said Ali Bagherzadeh, deputy education minister and head of the LMO.

Another plan to be implemented by the LMO is the ‘Book Reading Circles’ aimed at promoting reading culture. It will allow people who have acquired literacy to practice what they have learnt and keep up the progress, ILNA reported.

He said the directive is ready to be issued to all provinces and “the plan is intended to endow literate groups with lifelong resources to prevent reversals in literacy gains.”

The target group will be granted 40 books in simple and pragmatic subjects over a one-year period. The main objective of the plan is to implement complementary activities to consolidate the education of literate people by involving them in group activities such as debates.

Moreover, those who have acquired reading and writing skills or literacy are registered at the centers and receive 200 hours of training on life skills as well as social and civil liberties.

In another project dubbed ‘Reading with Family’ the LMO plans to spread literacy coverage to individuals who are supported by the organization but lack access to learning centers.

About 85% of the adult population is now literate, well ahead of the regional average of 62%. This rate is 97% among young adults (aged between 15 and 24) without any gender discrepancy.