Ultimatum to ER

Ultimatum to ERUltimatum to ER

Hospital emergency rooms (ER) have been given a two-week ultimatum “to develop quality standards, meet the shortages and supply the needs,” said Minister of Health and Medical Education Hassan Hashemi.

Within the next two weeks medical universities should report any serious deficiencies in emergency departments of hospitals affiliated to them, reports IRNA.

According to the Health Ministry, all physicians in ER must have at least 10 years of experience while trainees in the Residency Program and medical students should be assigned in non-emergency units.

It is important that experienced nurses handle triage (process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition in an emergency department) and two emergency specialists must be always available in ER, he added.

Sufficient on-call physicians should also be assigned to emergency departments as well as in paraclinics and laboratories.

Hashemi pointed to the launching of a hospital campaign for better management of emergency cases.

He also emphasized the need to supply high quality intensive care beds on demand to hospitals and instructed the ministry’s Hospital Development Department to provide funds to renovate laboratory and radiology equipment in emergency departments.