Ban on Hookah in Public Places

Ban on Hookah in Public PlacesBan on Hookah in Public Places

A plan to ban hookahs (water pipes) in public places, traditional Iranian bistros and coffee houses was announced by Aliata Taheri, executive director of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association.  

As per the directive issued by the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade, those holding permits to supply hookahs will be restricted from extending their licenses and will have to completely stop supplying hookahs once their permits expire. Henceforth, any license issued will be declared illegal and face stringent action, reports ISNA.

The first phase of the plan will tackle unauthorized supply of hookahs while the second will address restrictions on license extension.

There will be ongoing measures and culture-building practices in line with uprooting the smoking habit in the country. In 2009, the association set up a center for educating children between 5 -12 years old, where the hazardous effects of smoking were broadly demonstrated via animation, fiction, theater, puppeteers and laboratories. Since then, awareness was created among 10,000 children through special education programs.

The association will also grant financial and scientific support to thesis and research projects on the subject of tobacco.

Taheri said rehabilitation centers are always open to those willing to quit smoking. “Tobacco addicts are welcome to visit and share their experiences while getting advice from those who have quit smoking,” he added.