PII Package on Vaccine Production Technology

PII Package on Vaccine Production TechnologyPII Package on Vaccine Production Technology

The Pasteur Institute of Iran (PII) has devised a comprehensive education package on vaccine production technology, and vaccine companies from Islamic nations will be permitted to enter Iran as of October to have access to the package.

“The institute currently has 141 faculty members who have published an average 11.5 articles per person in ISI (Information Sciences Institute) journals,” said Mostafa Ghanei, head of PII.

Globally, PII ranks fifth in scientific production after institutes in France, Belgium, Italy and Canada and also claims the first place “in scientific development with three development centers and 68 affiliated knowledge-based companies,” reports IRNA.

The institute has laboratories active in healthcare services for pertussis (commonly known as whooping cough), tularemia, Q fever, plague and rabies.

Ghanei said the institute has obtained permit from the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution to establish a health technology park. “Right now, we are ready to export medication for hepatitis intravesical BCG treatments, and will soon produce pentavalent and MMR vaccines along with enhancement of our current human rabies and hepatitis vaccines.”

The institute was founded in the 1920s to pave the way for advanced research and to provide innovative programs in basic and applied medical sciences, and production of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits with special emphasis on infectious diseases.