Mango Import Regulations

Mango Import RegulationsMango Import Regulations

As per the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) directive, importers of mango from Pakistan must apply for health certification before arrival of the cargo. The import regulations have been notified by Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture and agreed to by both sides.

Customs clearance of exotic mangos will hinge on their proper packaging and verification of health certificates of the arriving cargo from Pakistan, reports IANA.

Wooden packaging should be avoided and the packages must be free of any foliage or plant debris. In case of violations , the cargo will be returned or confiscated.

The entry of contaminated Pakistani mangos in the market earlier had resulted in returning the entire consignment, said Ali Emami, head of Iran Wholesale Suppliers.

The TPO directive also states that the permitted routes for mango imports are Mirjaveh border, ports of Chabahar, Bandar Abbas and Imam Khomeini International Airport.