Bill on Better Deal for Transgender

Bill on Better Deal for TransgenderBill on Better Deal for Transgender

The bill to provide better protection to the transgender is being drafted at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security and is in the stage of final modification, said Habibollah Masoudi Farid, deputy head of social affairs at the State Welfare Organization.

“Providing them support and assistance is of particular significance to the SWO since early screening can result in timely intervention that can be efficacious in reducing social harm among the susceptible group,” he was quoted by Khabaronline as saying, at an event on the occasion of ‘SWO Week’ (July 10-17). Transsexuality is a psychiatric disorder where people experience a gender identity inconsistent or not culturally associated with their assigned sex. Global statistics reveal that one in every 70,000 men and one in every 100,000 women have this condition.

Iran recognizes transsexuality under a religious decree by Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic. Sex change operations are common, with part of the costs paid by the authorities.