IRCS to Run Dialysis Services

IRCS to Run Dialysis ServicesIRCS to Run Dialysis Services

The Ministry of Health will assign dialysis services to the Iranian Red Crescent Society. This is while the ministry will continue to supervise and run a major part of the nationwide services.

Following discussions on assigning emergency services and urgent medical care to the IRCS, approval was granted to run dialysis services for people with kidney diseases, the Persian language newspaper Etemad quoted Mohsen Ziaee, head of the IRCS, as saying.

At the inauguration of the Razavian Hemodialysis Center in Shahrud, Ziaee said the Health Ministry plans to hand over several healthcare services to the IRCS. While the ministry will be specifically responsible for treatment, the IRCS will contribute in healthcare management, he added.

The IRCS also expressed readiness to establish cancer centers. The ministry provides 7,000 employment opportunities annually. "The healthcare system can become more efficient if the private sector gets involved and creates additional job opportunities."

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education comprises five departments headed by deputy ministers in research and technology, education, logistics, food and drug and health.

The health system is highly centralized and almost all decisions regarding general goals, policies and allocation of resources are made at the central level. The ministry has the legal authority to oversee, license and regulate activities of the private health sector.