Embassy Warns Travelers to Malaysia

Embassy Warns Travelers to MalaysiaEmbassy Warns Travelers to Malaysia

Iran's embassy in Malaysia has warned Iranian tourists to obey the laws of the country they visit  and not to accept any packages from unknown Iranians or foreigners, under any circumstances, following the arrest of a group of Iranians at the Malaysian airport on charges of drug trafficking,

Under Malaysian law death penalty is mandatory for any person caught with 5 grams of drugs like heroin, as it constitutes drug trafficking in this Southeast Asian country, reports Tadbir24 news agency.

Iranian passengers have often been "exploited" by drug trafficking gangs to carry parcels in which illegal drugs are hidden. Therefore, the embassy deemed it necessary to raise awareness on the issue.

According to figures, currently, 227 Iranians are in Malaysian prisons, of which 30 are women. Most of them are not drug traffickers, and were not even aware of the presence of illegal drugs in packages they were carrying for acquaintances and others.

The embassy also warned Iranians "not to hand over their passport" to unauthorized people.