$700m for Ebola-Stricken Nations Needed

$700m for Ebola-Stricken Nations Needed$700m for Ebola-Stricken Nations Needed

Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone need a further $696 million in donor funding to rebuild their battered health services over the next two years in the wake of the deadly Ebola epidemic, senior World Health Organization (WHO) officials say.

WHO Assistant Director General for Health Systems and Innovation Marie-Paule Kieny, said donors had pledged $1.4 billion of an estimated $2.1 billion required by the three countries before December 2017.

More than 500 healthcare staff are among the over 11,200 people killed in West Africa by the worst recorded outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever, which erupted in Guinea in December 2013 and continues to claim lives, WHO reports. The European Union on Monday approved 1.15 billion euros in aid for West Africa through to 2020.