Japanese Quake Warning System for Tehran

Japanese Quake Warning System for TehranJapanese Quake Warning System for Tehran

A comprehensive plan on earthquake warning and disaster reduction has been presented by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), said Mohsen Nadi, deputy director of Tehran Crisis Management and Prevention Organization.

With the implementation of the plan, an early warning system will be installed at the Iranian Seismological Center in Tehran.

In the event of an earthquake, the system will receive the initial seismic waves as a warning before the earth starts shaking, and will immediately close the city’s vital arteries including gas, electricity and subway trains to prevent and reduce secondary damages. At present the system has been installed completely in Japan and its installation in Tehran is on the agency’s agenda, ISNA reported.

 Joint Project

It is the 4th joint project between Iran and Japan on the issue of earthquake cooperation. It includes construction of emergency route networks to use in times of a crisis, community-based disaster management (CBDM), and quake damage and loss estimation system.

Under the emergency routes networks, alternative routes will be constructed and the city’s bridges and tunnels’ vulnerability and seismic resistance will be assessed and improved.

The CBDM will focus on raising public awareness about natural disasters.

Essential measures like sending early and timely warning to service organizations and creating public awareness of the possible earthquake scenarios and accurate damage estimation are among the projects under the comprehensive plan.

In a high-intensity earthquake, millions will be affected, “so establishing a crisis management structure is essential,” IRNA reported Nadi as saying.