Crop Substitution to Check Farm Losses

Crop Substitution to Check Farm LossesCrop Substitution to Check Farm Losses

Fields under tomato cultivation were halved to prevent agricultural losses due to excessive cultivation, from 15,000 to 7,000 hectares, in line with the Fifth-Year Economic Development Plan (2011-16).

“The cultivation season has commenced and suitable crops will be selected and likely substituted in different provinces and rural areas, during the forthcoming meetings with agriculturists,” said Saied Modaresi, deputy of Agricultural Production in Hormozgan Agriculture Jihad Ministry.  

“Lack of farmers’ awareness on crop cultivation has caused substantial losses from excessive tomato and onion production which cannot be compensated,” he added.

A range of suitable vegetables along with their cultivation policies will be offered to the agriculturists based on market need. Sesame seeds cultivation is on the agenda in this respect, IANA reports.

Hormozgan Province has the most potential for tomato cultivation in the villages of Hadesian, Minab, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khamir and Rudan. The cultivation guidelines will determine and underline the appropriate volumes of production and their profit margin on par with the market need.

Modaresi said there are 8,700 hectares under cultivation in Hormozgan from which 23% of the total citrus crops are harvested accounting for 120,000 tons of lemons per year.

Among the villages, Rudan has the most arable lands with 5,800 hectares followed by Minab with 2,300 hectares. They contributed to 86,000 and 28,000 tons of lemon respectively.