More Parks for Women

More Parks for WomenMore Parks for Women

Creating healthy and safe recreational environment for women across the city is on the agenda of the Tehran Municipality, said Narges Madanipour, director general of Women’s Affairs Department at the TM.

There are three women’s parks already, including Behesht-e-Madaran Park in district 3, Narges Park in district 18 and Pardis-e-Banovan Park in district 15. Two new women’s parks in Chitgar and Lavizan forest parks are under construction.

Chitgar Park is an artificial forest and covers 14.5 sq km in the western part of Tehran. It is linked by a highway and a metro line. The metro station is also called Chitgar.

Lavizan is a northeastern neighborhood of Tehran comprising a residential area and recreation area called Lavizan Forest Park with an area of 1,100 hectares.