Concern Over Heavy Vehicle Ban on Chalus Road

Concern Over Heavy Vehicle Ban on Chalus RoadConcern Over Heavy Vehicle Ban on Chalus Road

The travel ban on heavy vehicles on Karaj-Chalus (Kandovan) road has caused concern among industrial producers,” said Kamran Rahbar, manager of Noshahr and Chalus industrial cities.

Local industrial producers and investors have been obliged to use backroads which are proving costly to transit the raw materials, causing undue delays.”Despite our request for temporary travel permits during the week on the main route there has been no response,” he added, reports IRNA.

Rahbar pointed to the ongoing infrastructural work in the two cities, and said, “With inadequate road connectivity and high traffic congestion due to arriving tourists, not only are businesses discouraged, but the local industrial units are also in serious trouble.”

The two cities comprise 42 industrial sectors in car manufacturing, polystyrene production, livestock and poultry, household appliances, medical equipment and paper recycling, including items exported to Iraq.

The 170 km Karaj-Chalus road is the nearest route to west Mazandaran Province.