Local Production of Artificial Tears

Local Production of Artificial TearsLocal Production of Artificial Tears

A local pharmaceutical company has produced artificial tears for the domestic market on par with international standards, for the first time in Iran.

The product so far was imported due to the nationwide need for 30 million doses of artificial tears annually, before scientists at Sina Darou Laboratories Company produced the eye drops after 20 months of research, Fararu reported.

"We will be able to supply one-third of the national demand for artificial tears in the first year, and achieve self-sufficiency in the second year," said company CEO, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Vasefi.

Artificial tears are lubricant eye drops for treating dryness and irritation associated with deficient tear production in keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes). They are also used to moisten contact lenses. Available over-the-counter, they supplement other treatment in moderate to severe cases of dry eyes.

Foreign eye drops in the market cost 4,000 rials ($0.12) per disposable phial, but the domestic product will be priced 3,000 rials ($0.09).

Established in 1962 in Tehran and specialized mostly in pharmaceutical preparation under license of the French P.O.S Company, Sina Darou is the leading manufacturer of sterile ophthalmic preparations and inhalation aerosols.

The company has close contact with Iranian medical universities and academies and also European pharmaceutical manufacturers, to improve pharmaceutical production.