Rural Women Data Bank

Rural Women Data BankRural Women Data Bank

The data bank of rural women has been established and this will help rehabilitate rural women by taking action to empower them with the assistance of the Department of Rural and Divested Areas Development, said Zahra Saei, head of Women Affairs at the Tehran Governorate.    

Macro policies are in the framework of addressing the needs of deprived people and raising employment in the country, ISNA quoted her as saying.

Rural women’s potentials were partially assessed last year, Saei said, and expressed hope to introduce measures to raise employment through projects in villages to encourage and empower women.

Several meetings were held with governors and district managers in the provinces to examine and utilize rural capacities. “Each province has its own unique potentials; some are superior in the field of tourism and others in domestic production. We want to make investments to provide sustainable employment in the framework of their capacities,” she said.

Success of the measures will help prevent migration from villages to cities, lead to sustainable rural development as well as promote agriculture and handicrafts. “Sales of products made by women will be promoted through their empowerment,” she noted.