Int’l Cephalalgia Conference in Tehran

Int’l Cephalalgia Conference in TehranInt’l Cephalalgia Conference in Tehran

Tehran will host the Fourth International Cephalalgia (Headache) Congress in collaboration with the Iranian Headache Association (IHA) and the International Headache Society (HIS), said Mohammad Hassan Paknejad, scientific secretary of the organizing committee for the congress.

“This year, the congress (September 16-18) will host some of the world’s most prominent headache associations,” he was quoted as saying by ILNA.

The meeting will be addressed by reputable speakers from the United States and Europe, and will be a great opportunity for neurologists as well as other health care professionals to share information on headaches, migraines and and facial pain.

Tension headaches and migraines–recurrent moderate to severe headaches often associated with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms–are the reason behind 90% of headache disorders in the country, Paknejad said.

Doctors commonly prescribe painkillers such as aspirin, tranquilizers, hypnotic or soporifics (sleep-inducing drugs) to relieve pain. But the medications often have side effects.

“Painkillers can be a double-edged sword and are not always advised,” he said.

The confab will provide up-to-date information on primary and secondary headache disorders through workshops. It also provides a good opportunity to build relations and share knowhow with international experts from the IHS. By focusing on challenging issues in the field, the workshops will assist participants in better diagnosis and management of headaches.