Dental Checks for 7m Kids

Dental Checks for 7m KidsDental Checks for 7m Kids

Elementary school students will receive professional dental checks and training on oral healthcare and tooth decay prevention, said Hamid Samadzadeh, head of the Oral Hygiene Office at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the plan will be launched nationwide at the beginning of the next academic year (starts Sept. 23) and over 7 million students will be covered and provided with smart oral care identity cards, ISNA quoted him as saying.

The smart cards will have students’ personal information and their current health status. They will be referred to the dental care centers for dental care packages, including tooth extraction, teeth scaling and so on. They also will be provided with varnish fluoride for tooth decay prevention.

Teachers and school health caregivers will be trained during the oral checkup plan. In rural areas caregivers are responsible for providing training in oral hygiene to students and their parents. “After complete coverage of elementary grade students, it will be extended to the higher grades over the years,” Samadzadeh said.  

Special bases and mobile units will be set up in schools to provide dental care services. The plan is jointly implemented by dental experts and staff. Medical science universities will establish a health care center for every 100 students, depending on the equipment available.

The Health Ministry and insurance companies are financing the program under the Health Reform Plan launched in May 2014.