NGOs to Partner Tehran Urban Management

NGOs to Partner Tehran Urban Management
NGOs to Partner Tehran Urban Management

The Interior Ministry’s social and cultural deputy for non-government organizations and the Headquarters to Support and Empower NGO Activities signed a memorandum of understanding to expand cooperation between Tehran NGOs and the ministry in the current Iranian year (began March 21), said Elaheh Rastgoo, head of the headquarters.

“The MoU is in line with policies to broaden partnership between the two sides to guide, support and supervise the activities of NGOs within the legal framework,” she said, ISNA reported.

It also aims to facilitate and promote social collaboration and empower NGOs by training them in general and specialized fields, so that they can participate in urban planning and management of the capital city.

The MoU corresponds to the bill ratified by the Tehran City Council to develop areas of NGO activity and harness their capacity. It is in line with the ministry’s objectives to provide assistance to all NGOs across the country.

“All the provisions of the agreement will be enforced by NGOs approved by both sides,” said Rastgoo, who is also a member of the board of directors of the Tehran City Council.

A working group comprising two representatives from the Interior Ministry and one representing NGOs to work out educational and research plans and policies is another area stipulated.

Noting that the Interior Ministry is ready to provide consultative services in funding, taxation and insurance to NGOs, Rastgoo said, “The MoU will make it easier to obtain permits for NGOs to contribute to urban management within the regulatory framework.”