Enhancing Women’s Role in Economy

Enhancing Women’s Role in EconomyEnhancing Women’s Role in Economy

In an effort to further harness women’s potential, the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade has devised a comprehensive project that calls on ministries responsible for economic development, to make room for female participation in the national economic cycle, said Soheila Jelodarzadeh, advisor to the industry minister.

Currently, women have a 17-20% share in the national economy and a 7% share in managerial positions in industry. “The ministry plans to increase women’s share through specific programs,” she said, reports IRNA.

“The large number of trade permits issued for women are a mere formality,” she noted, adding that the project aims to help women have a 30% share in local economic activities by 2025.

A joint effort by the presidential deputy for women and family affairs and the Ministry of Industries, the project events comprise four sections: an exhibition for female entrepreneurs (Sept. 15), a two-day conference on female entrepreneurship and employment (Sept. 16-17), a ceremony to select a female entrepreneur of the year (Sept. 18) and the unveiling of a book on women entrepreneurs.

“There are 1,000 female entrepreneurs registered in our databanks and we are updating the information.” Nearly 47% of the workforce at the ministry comprises educated women with bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees.

In cooperation with Mojtaba Khosrotaj, deputy minister and head of the policy-making council, 23 categories of commodities will be on display to encourage other items to be showcased and not solely handicrafts.