Loans to Help Empower Recovering Addicts

Loans to Help Empower Recovering Addicts
Loans to Help Empower Recovering Addicts

In an effort to support and empower addicts on their way to recovery, they will receive loans at 4% interest rate in cooperation with the Omid Entrepreneurship Fund (a government organization formerly known as Mehr Imam Reza Central Fund that is active in micro financing) once they are declared “clean for six months,” said Seyyed Majid Hosseini, Iran Drug Control Headquarters (IDCH) deputy for administrative, financial and parliamentary affairs.

“Social security will enable them to return to their family and community. Therefore, the government is focusing on empowering rehabilitated addicts who can set a good example for those still grappling with the problem,” ILNA quoted him as saying.

Socialization of the fight against drugs is one of the key areas of focus in the policies laid down by the Leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei for the current Iranian year (began March 21). It is the government’s duty to raise awareness on psychoactive and narcotic drugs through comprehensive and scientific programs.

Based on the same policies,  nearly 500 to 600 recovered addicts entered the economic production cycle last year (ended March 20), and this year 3,000 more are targeted for employment.

“Provincial officials have allocated two Fridays prior to the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26), to introduce ways to fight drug abuse by holding talks on preventive measures, treatment, rehabilitation, methods to encourage people’s participation and social support, after Friday prayers in each city.”

Hosseini said four committees have been set up in the country for the purpose and the Coordination Council of Provinces has held meetings.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1987, the day serves as a reminder of the goals agreed upon by member states to create an international society free from drug abuse. This year’s program calls on all nations to profess the slogan “Let’s Develop Our Lives, Our Community, Our Identities Without Drugs.” Health is the ongoing theme of the world drug campaign.


“A set of executive guidelines have been issued to all provinces and they will be rated and ranked according to their performance after the international event is observed,” the official said.

A number of programs have been planned for the day such as sports competitions where rehabilitated addicts can participate in the presence of veteran athletes and an exhibition where they or their families can showcase their handicrafts.

“These people have huge potential and a permanent exhibition of their work is planned in each province.” The Iranian Red Crescent Society will cooperate in holding the exhibition, and disseminate information and IDCH messages,” he said.

Drug abuse is the leading cause for 65% of domestic violence and spousal abuse, 55% of divorces, 30% of child abuse and 25% of homicides, and “the true ramifications of drug abuse must be demonstrated publicly to ensure community abstinence.”

A school anthem titled “Just Say No” at the IRIB International Conference Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and three seven-minute long films on efforts to alleviate the global drug problem in the past year are to be staged on the day.