China Bans Fasting in Ramadan

China Bans Fasting in RamadanChina Bans Fasting in Ramadan

China has once again banned Ramadan in the far western Xinjiang district for Muslim party members, civil servants, students and teachers.

Muslims throughout the district – which is known to have a minority population of Uighurs – have been told not to fast during the holy month, The Independent reported.

The Uighur leader, Dilxat Raxit, sees the move as China’s attempt to control their Islamic faith and warned that restrictions would force the Uighurs to further resist the rule of the Chinese government.

He added: “The faith of the Uighurs has been highly politicized and the increase in controls could cause sharp resistance.”

Shops and restaurants owned by Muslins have also been ordered to continue selling cigarettes and alcohol over the course of the month – or be shut down altogether.