Xiao Zhu Air Pollution Project

Xiao Zhu Air Pollution ProjectXiao Zhu Air Pollution Project

Xiao Zhu, a Chinese company dedicated to providing clean air to its citizens, uses factory smoke to illustrate the dangers of air pollution. China sees more than 500,000 die every year from causes related in some way to extreme levels of airborne contaminants. To make an impact, Xiao Zhu decided to show the people of China how crucial the issue is, and they did so in the most direct means possible, reported.

The project uses China’s biggest cause of pollutants as its medium in the dark of night with huge beams of light radiated skyward — and directly into the billowing plumes of various factories’ smoke. Visualized on the cloud-like canvases were dozens of pictures of Chinese youth, shown in numerous stages of dismay, pain and ultimately suffocation. Xiao Zhu filmed the social movement and released it to the masses with a simple message, “clean the air. Let the future breathe again.”