Smoking Causes Half of Cancer Deaths

Smoking Causes Half of Cancer DeathsSmoking Causes Half of Cancer Deaths

A recent US research concluded that approximately one half of deaths from certain malignancies directly point to long term use of cigarettes.

Cancers of the lungs, larynx, trachea, esophagus, bladder, and bronchi are examples of malignancies caused by smoking. Rebecca Siegel, one of the researchers at the American Cancer Society said it is important to make a move to cut off the spread of this vice. This is because for some people, smoking is just a common vice with little effects on the body. But that is not the case, if you are to dig in deeper, Science reported.

Further, according to Siegel’s studies, statistics showed that among 345,962 deaths related to cancer in 2011, nearly 167,805 mortalities were linked to smoking.  Indeed, these numbers mean a lot and there is no way one could ever defend that smoking cannot pose a health threat.

Researchers came up with the numbers by computing the fraction of cases of malignancies that could not have developed if there was no tobacco use.

They also considered in the calculation, the race, age, alcohol use and abuse and the educational level of the respondents as these can also affect health as a whole.

“This alarming result must be disseminated to people around the world most especially smokers so as to discourage continuing this unhealthy habit,” they said.