Clean Commute in Capital

Clean Commute in CapitalClean Commute in Capital

The number of bicycles in the capital has increased to about 10,000. “Our first priority is to provide bicycles in education centers and travel zones,” said Tashakkori Hashemi, deputy mayor for  Tehran’s transport and traffic department.

The department is also trying to provide access to bicycles in areas near schools and universities to enable students to use this mode of transportation.

“Also we are trying to construct bike racks instead of bicycle lending centers across the city. That way citizens’ access to bikes will become easier. With electronic cards, users can pay the rental on bikes from the racks whenever they want. We recommend use of cycles for short trips. This doesn’t mean that citizens should use bicycles to go to work which may be miles away from their homes,” he said.

 Due to the steep inclines and slopes in the city and the massive traffic and highway networks, it is not possible to use bicycles in all parts of Tehran. Cycling is possible for short distances (maximum 5 km) only. “It’s also fun and can solve the traffic problem to some extent,” Hashemi said.

  Bike Sharing

The problems regarding bike sharing will be resolved with “integrated management” in the near future. “As of now each part of the city has its own contractor, managing tasks in a specific, distinct way,” Mehr news agency quoted Hashemi as saying.

This summer a national cycling congress was held in Tehran to encourage people to use bicycles for short journeys. Fortunately, many people took part in the congress.

Bicycle is a clean mode of transport; motor vehicles have been the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide all over the world. But in recent years, bicycle as a convenient means of transport for short distances, was given the back seat in Tehran and other cities; therefore the Tehran urban management is now making greater efforts to encourage its return.

The greenest and most sustainable forms of transportation are trains, bicycles, and, of course walking.