Tehran’s Mosalla Needs $182m to Complete

Tehran’s Mosalla Needs $182m to CompleteTehran’s Mosalla Needs $182m to Complete

Financial constraints have stalled the completion of Tehran’s Mosalla, said Hossein Tala, MP, after a visit to the project.

Tehran MPs visited the Mosalla grounds to study the problems facing the project after complaints were received on the unfinished works, ISNA reported.

Lawmakers estimate that an additional $182 million are required for the project completion.

The budget bill of the current Iranian year (started March 21), has allocated part of the funds to the project, Tala said, and hoped the construction would be completed soon.

Tehran’s Mosalla, also known as Imam Khomeini Mosalla, is a building complex for religious ceremonies, and political and social functions, besides educational, art and cultural activities.

The project commenced in 1988. After 23 years and over $106 million in expenditure until 2011, it was announced that the project needs an additional $182 million to be completed over the next five years.