More Support for Nomads of Ardebil

More Support  for Nomads of Ardebil
More Support  for Nomads of Ardebil

T he administrative rank of Ardebil Province Tribal Affairs Office is to be elevated to a level one service provider, in an effort to improve the quality of facilities allocated to the provincial nomadic population, said its director general, Ghader Honarmand.

“The elevation in turn will help increase national accreditation and expand service coverage to all migrant tribes,” he said, IRNA reported.

Consequently, all affiliated agencies in provincial towns will be brought under the Tribal Affairs Office. The center in Khalkhal county, home to the Shahsavan nomads (literally “protectors of the king” as they used to guard one of Iran’s most remote and vulnerable frontiers), will also receive the same upgrading.

Noting that the Azeri-Turkish speaking pastoralists comprise the second largest nomadic populace after the Qashqaie Tribe, the most reputed tribe in southern Iran,  Honarmand said their high share of production in livestock, dairy, and handicrafts, as well as the size of the tribe, are factors contributing to greater support from the relevant organizations.

The food supply for their livestock has increased to 400 tons from 90 tons in the past month, but they are still facing shortage on feedstock.

Currently, migrant tribes comprise 6% of the provincial population but contribute 30% of the total dairy and livestock production, prompting the authorities to take action to meet the demands of the nomads.

These tribes have at their disposal more than 85% of the provincial pastures where they operate. They live in 45 independent tribes with 1.5 million heads of livestock, Honarmand said.