First Frozen Ovarian Tissue Transplant Baby Born

First Frozen Ovarian Tissue Transplant Baby Born

A woman has given birth to a healthy child after doctors restored her fertility by implanting ovarian tissue that had been removed and frozen while she was a child.
The success of the procedure - carried out for the first time in a girl - also raises the potential for postmenopausal women to have transplants of ovarian tissue rather than hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
The Belgian woman, had one ovary removed at the age of 13 because she was about to undergo a bone marrow transplant that would leave her infertile.
A decade later, at the woman’s request, they transplanted four fragments of ovarian tissue onto her remaining ovary.
She gave birth to a boy weighing 6lbs 9oz in November 2014, according to details published now in the medical journal ‘Human Reproduction.

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