No Cases of Cholera

No Cases of CholeraNo Cases of Cholera

No cases of cholera have been reported so far this year(started March 21), said Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, head of the Center for Epidemics at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, brushing aside rumors of the bacterial infection.

In the previous year, six cases were reported among foreign residents and one Iranian national, he said, quoted by Alef.

Cholera peaks during the hot summer months of June, July and sometimes in August and September.

Cholera is a bacterial infection of the intestine, and causes severe diarrhea and dehydration, leading to death if untreated. It is transmitted from contaminated food and water due to poor sanitation. Unclean drinking water is a major reason for cholera and, “we urge people to use tap water and avoid consuming water from lakes, rivers, or tap water in parks, which are only meant for gardening,” Gouya said. He requested travelers to carry bottled water with them.

Further, food hygiene needs more attention during the hot season. “Cooked food should be consumed in short time, and raw food should be stored in right temperatures,” Gouya cautioned.