Share in Global Science

Share in Global Science Share in Global Science

Iran’s share of international scientific production accounted for 1.54 percent in 2014, from 1.5% in the previous year, showing the country’s scientific growth despite the tough global competition, said Mohammad Farhadi, minister of science, research and technology.

Addressing the media on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of a book titled ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran’s 2014-2015 Scientific Achievements’, Farhadi said Iran ranks first among the regional and Islamic countries in generation of scientific papers and innovations, and 2nd among the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member countries, IRNA reported.

The book comprises three parts: the first refers to the number of researchers, student population and demographics, and higher education and human development in the country; the second introduces Iran’s scientific productivity in international popular citation databases, including Scopus web; and the third refers to national and international registered inventions, volume of knowledge-based product exports, and number of technology parks in the country.  

The minister also said the competence of the heads of Iranian universities will be surveyed by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council (SCRC). The list of the competent heads will be announced on completion of the survey.