Five Projects for Hospitals

 Five Projects for Hospitals
 Five Projects for Hospitals

Five master projects to improve and expand medical services in hospitals are to be implemented in the current year (started March 21), said Dr. Mohammad Haji Aghajani, deputy health minister.

They include improving ICU services by adding 2,400 beds, expansion of emergency rooms, developing specialized clinical and delivery suits, as well as establishing cancer treatment units, said Aghajani, at a two-day summit of health deputies of medical universities in Isfahan, IRNA reports.


Since 75% of fatalities are due to critical health conditions such as heart attacks, brain strokes and cancers, besides road accidents, the health ministry is also planning a scheme for precise diagnosis and treatment of ailments.

In line with this objective, 250 polyclinics, besides the existing 6,600 clinics in state-run hospitals and medical universities, are being established, said Aghajani, on the sidelines of the 4th National Conference on Improving Health Information Management.

The visit time for standard medical consultations has been defined and ratified with "approximately 15 minutes for general practitioners, 20 minutes for specialized doctors, 25 minutes for professors, and 30 minutes for psychiatrists," Aghajani said, quoted by ISNA.

He said people can file their complaints about violations in the healthcare system through the Iran Medical Council or the deputies at medical universities.