Tehran Governorate and Social Challenges

Tehran Governorate and Social ChallengesTehran Governorate and Social Challenges

Social challenges are the major obstacles in governing the Tehran metropolis. The burgeoning population, constant influx of migrants, and satellite suburbs has augmented the problems, reports khabaronline.

“Some of the social issues we face include illegal immigrants, addiction, child labor, rise in divorce rates and its consequences; therefore, unity and cohesion in administration to deal with the problems can help address the issues,” Governor Isa Farhadi had earlier told ILNA.

Meanwhile, ISNA quoted Farhadi as saying that the Tehran Municipality (TM) and the governor’s office will have joint collaboration with the relevant organizations to address the challenges. In the coming months, representatives of Iran Police, State Welfare Organization (SWO), TM, and the Judiciary will join hands to establish an office funded and sponsored by the municipality to outline plans to tackle social harm.

Organizations in charge of addicts, labor children, mendicants, and the homeless will be the chief trustees; while the SWO, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the police, judicial system and the municipality will be the key members.

“After the formation of the new office, addicts and the homeless will be moved from the streets and brought to encampments set up for the purpose. They will be cared for and dealt with by the appropriate departments,” Farhadi said.

The city landscape has improved compared with the previous years. “Nevertheless, even one addict on the street is unacceptable.” He appealed for cooperation, camping locations, and a social movement to help achieve the objectives.

The camps are to be established outside Tehran with a capacity to host 2,000 addicts.