TCC to Control Taxi Fare

TCC to Control Taxi Fare
TCC to Control Taxi Fare

The Tehran City Council (TCC) takes measures regularly to prevent hike in taxi fares following the unification of gasoline prices and end of subsidized gasoline, to public transport vehicles.

The New Year (started March 21) saw a 20% increase in public transport costs. Nevertheless “the new law on unsubsidized gasoline will affect taxi drivers’ subsistence,” said Esmail Dousti, member of Tehran City Council, quoted by Iran newspaper. Consequently, the Transportation Committee of Tehran is joining the TCC to provide “support packages” for the drivers. The TCC plans to discuss the scheme with the government and seeks to compensate for the higher expenses on drivers, through a legal directive.

Meanwhile, Hassan Karimi, deputy of Tehran Province Infrastructure Organization, notes that such packages have not been discussed yet.

Hossein Tala, member of the Majlis (parliament) Social Commission said any changes in the taxi fare require ratification by the TCC and the provincial governor. “Therefore, the unification of gasoline prices should not lead to any hikes in transportation fares.”

The smart fuel cards for subsidized gasoline are valid till September 22.