Tuition Fee Structure for Private Schools

Tuition Fee Structure for Private SchoolsTuition Fee Structure for Private Schools

Private schools can increase tuition fees from 2.5% to a maximum 17% in the new academic year (starts Sept. 23).  Additionally, schools should announce the fee structure to the public “so that people can determine if a school is complying with the regulations,” said Marzieh Gord, head of the Organization for Non-State Schools, at the ministry of education, reports Iran newspaper.  Gord said that violation of the ministry’s directives by schools should be reported with supportive documents. “We monitor schools, but we also urge families to inform us about any violations with evidence for legal action.”  In the previous years, the School Supervision Committee used to set an annual percentage structure for tuition fee hike. The new fee structure includes factors such as the school size, and the quality of education and teacher performance.