Office to Fund Patent Costs

Office to Fund Patent Costs Office to Fund Patent Costs

The office of the vice-president for science and technology will fund patent costs for students and university instructors, and priority will be given to NBIC fields including nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, IT and cognitive sciences, said  Vice-President Dr. Sorena Sattari, addressing  the 3rd Iranian Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference.

NBIC stands for multidisciplinary scientific field at the crossroads of nanotechnologies (N), biotechnologies (B), information technology (I) and cognitive sciences (C).

On par with growing support for knowledge-based business, the latter are exempted from tax payment and custom duties. Additionally, knowledge-based industries can be established within 120 km from major cities.

Sattari expressed dissatisfaction with the current status of NBIC and the “low patent rate of one in every 800 scientific publications in Iran”, noting that “the oil economy is in conflict with knowledge-based industry.”

The conspicuous fall in oil prices globally has cut Iran’s oil income, resulting in financial constraints. “Notwithstanding this, there is need to boost a knowledge-based economy,” he stressed.

The exhibition and conference was organized by the Iran Biotechnology Development Council and the Iranian Biotechnology Society.