More Curbs on “Odd/Even” Traffic Zones

More Curbs on “Odd/Even” Traffic ZonesMore Curbs on “Odd/Even” Traffic Zones

Restrictions to “odd or even” zones are increasing as new penalties and CCTVs are introduced for drivers in Tehran.

In addition to the 110 CCTVS set up at the entrance of “odd or even” traffic zones, 70 CCTVs equipped with automatic number plate recognition systems are to be established inside the traffic zones in the coming months. As such, the plate numbers will be recorded at the entrance to the restricted zones, and invite a penalty of $6 (200,000 rials), Iloosh Vaziri, chairman of Tehran Traffic Control Company, said reports Mehr News Agency.  The new regulations will levy extra fines for every hour motorists illegally spend within the zones. “For those who live inside the “odd or even” zones, the fine is levied on re-entering the traffic zone,” Vaziri said. Polluter cars will also be hauled up.