Iran 2nd Scientific Producer in Region

Iran 2nd Scientific Producer in RegionIran 2nd Scientific Producer in Region

Iran ranked second as a producer of scientific material in the region and 22nd with a rich scientific profile of 1.5% on the global scale at the end of 2014, records of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) indicate.

Turkey is the top regional competitor with 1.8% of scientific material, standing 18th internationally. Published scientific materials submitted from Iran in 2014 sum up to 30,348 articles, comprising 1.49% of the global ISI publications, reports ISNA.

By field category, Iran’s share of scientific papers amounts to 29,184 in sciences, 1,830 in social sciences, and 182 in humanities and arts  which account for 1.77 percent , 0.67%, and 1.17% of international scientific materials. In comparison with 2013, Iran saw a 13.16% rise in overall publication rates, 8.82% in sciences, and 75.11% in social sciences.

Of the total 30,348 materials published in 2014 by Iranians , 26,817 are full papers (88.36%), 1,253 (4.1%) abstracts, 888 (2.92%) article collections, 635 (2.09%) literature reviews, 404 (1.33%) letters, 244 (0.8%) editorial materials, 120 (0.3%) corrections, 34 (0.11%) book reviews and biographies, and 25 (0.82%) book chapters.    

The US accounts for 27.08% of the world’s scientific publications topping the list, followed by China (15.44%), Germany (6.59%), UK (6.41%), and Japan (4.93%). In the years 2011-12 and 2013, Iran ranked 20th in the ISI global citation database.

Iran has made great strides in different sectors, including aerospace, nuclear science, medical development, as well as stem cell and cloning research.