Herbal Medicine More Expensive

Herbal Medicine More ExpensiveHerbal Medicine More Expensive

Herbal medicine is two to four times more expensive than chemical medicines, says Mohammadbagher Rezaie, head of the Iranian Council of Herbal Medicine.

In the absence of insurance cover and herbal drugstores, counterfeit herbal medicine is emerging despite the health ministry’s supervision, posing obstacles to the promotion of herbal use in the country, IRNA reports.

With its rich and diverse climate as well as 8000 plant species, of which 1400 to 1800 have medicinal properties, Iran has great potential for cultivation of medical and herbal species. Nevertheless, exports are trivial. On the contrary, herbal medicine is imported from various countries. “We urge investors and experts to intervene and support domestic manufacturers in the field,” he added.

It is estimated that there are globally 750,000 plant species, of which 75,000 have medicinal properties and 20,000 are used for medical purposes.