Mandatory Protocol for Cancer Treatment

Mandatory Protocol for Cancer TreatmentMandatory Protocol for Cancer Treatment

Clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer developed by Iran’s Clinical Society of Oncology have been sent to the health ministry and the executive authority, said Mohammadreza Ghavam Nasiri, head of the society.

Gastrointestinal cancer is the most common cancer in the world and is the leading cause of death among various types of cancer, IRNA quoted him as saying.  After approval by the health ministry, implementation of the protocol will be mandatory for all hospitals in the country. The protocol “will improve compliance with a wide range of evidence-based intensive care unit practices,” he said.

Currently gastrointestinal cancers, in particular esophageal cancer, are more common in the northern parts of the country. Annually, 90,000 new cases and at least 45,000 deaths occur. Cancer is the third leading cause of death in Iran.